About us

Applincome is an app developer of customer loyalty apps for the smartphones dedicated to the small business.  We are here for the small business owner.  We want the small business owner to have the same edge over their customers as the big boys have.  Have you ever seen an app for major retailers, such as Speedway, Zappos, Walmart, Sears, etc?  They all have one.  Have you ever thought how much business you could generate if you had an app which people can download to their smartphones from the Apple App Store or Google Play?

Dedicated to small businesses, we are here to design apps for small businesses which give you all the tools to retain customer loyalty and generate new business from new customers.  The fact is that society is going mobile and over 75% of today’s populations have a smartphone and are completely mobile.  This means that digital coupons from mobile phones are more likely to be used than those in print.  We see that and we also see the trend where to get the attention of today’s mobile customer is to send push alerts over their smartphone.  From push alerts, you can send your customers coupons which they can use upon coming to your business, up coming sales, and more.

How can a mobile app affect a small business’s profits?  Well, considering that 75% of today’s society is mobile, 50% of that 75% does their shopping, uses coupons, and look for sales online or off their smartphone, tablet, or other such mobile device.  This means that if you offer them an app and advertise your app on the App Store and Google Play, about 75% of your customers are likely to download that app and use all the features in it and reap all the benefits from having it.

You can do a free demo to see how your app will work for your customers.  We will also create a whole template for your app, design it for you, or you can design it and make changes for it all you want by logging onto our website.

We understand that small businesses are the driving force of the economy,so why should all the big companies have the upper hand.  Wouldn’t be nice if your local restaurant or bar had the same kind of app as Panera or Starbucks?  How about the local landscaper, laundromat, or other business providing the community with such vital services?  Your local grocery store or barbershop?  We’re here for you and we will develop your app so it will meet all your business needs.